Engine Builder Magazine: Engine of the Week

We at JGRE are honored to have been featured in Engine builder Magazine! 

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(King of the Hammers 2019)

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Photo Courtesy of MSD Blog

Photo Courtesy of MSD Blog

miller hammers 2.PNG
photo courtesy of MSD Blog

photo courtesy of MSD Blog

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Erik Miller interview after winning Battle in Bluegrass, Kentucky

One of the most important qualities of an engine builder is dedication.  Will your engine builder drop everything to solve a crisis?  Here at JGRE we do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy, and running in the front of the pack!  Kudos to Erik Miller for bringing home the win on seven cylinders!


Loren Healy’s JGRE Engine

Driving Line Magazine

Loren Healy interview discussing the JGRE powered Ultra 4 car.

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